[Homestead] Summer happenings

Lynn Wigglesworth lynnw1366 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 8 11:26:45 EDT 2009

>One thing I have noticed --------- since I've started eating zero chem 
>veggies, is I feel much fuller for longer than the store bought (and 
>presumable chemical raised) veggies. I was thinking it was all in my head 
>at first........ until I came across something the other day that claims 
>that the chemical raised veggies do not have anywhere near the nutrients 
>that are supposed to be in veggies - something like 50% less nutrients. 
> >Does anyone know if that true?

Leslie; I don't have any evidence, but I believe it's true. I've seen 
studies that meat raised naturally is higher in all the good nutrients and 
lower in fat than meat raised in confinement situations, where they are fed 
hormones and antibiotics and foods that the animal wouldn't eat normally.

I'm sure the same must be true for plants. Besides being bad for people, all 
the synthetic fertilizers and pesticides aren't good for the soil. I believe 
that it's the soil life--the worms, fungi, bacteria, etc. that add the 
nutrients to the soil, and therefore to the plants. Chemical farming 
discourages the soil life, but organic farming encourages it.

Lynn Wigglesworth
Tioga Co. PA

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