[Homestead] A thought

Lynn Wigglesworth lynnw1366 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 23 10:36:14 EST 2009

> An atheist couldn't get elected.  This country is too busy playing 
> pretend.

There is an interesting article on Alternet about all the "God stuff" in the 
inauguration...everything we have, we are, and we want is attributed to God, 
so where does that leave people who don't believe?:

An Atheist's Perspective on the Inauguration: Enough With all the God Stuff

I was watching the Inauguration, with pride and hope and history and joy and 
relief. And the message I kept hearing was, "We are one country. This 
country belongs to everybody in it. Everybody has a voice. Everybody has a 
part to play. Everybody's experience matters.
"Everybody -- except you.

"Everybody except you and the roughly 15% of Americans who don't believe in 

"Not you. You're not part of this. This isn't for you."

Lynn Wigglesworth

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