[Homestead] Real History & Change - for me, anyway

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Well, you know I wish him well.  I always support the troops.  But, too d*mn many of my relatives have gone off to fight too many rich people's wars over too many years.  I hope my nephew adapts and stays safe;

   Fred Sandford told his son Lamont on day "Son , Life is hard ; But; it's even harder when you're stupid"  .  I did not tell that story to my nephew, but it is what I waas thinking....................


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> Kirk ships out to Afghanistan in June.  That will be his
> second tour.
> Lynda
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> > One of my nephews is supposewd to ship off for Marine
> boot camp, in a couple of weeks.  I am more than a bit
> agitated with him and his father (my brother).  Those
> recruiters have promised him the moon; I told my brother he
> will be in some place like Afghnistan within a year,
> carrying a rifle.  I offered the boy a much more attractive
> alternative, but he thinks the 'adventure' the
> military will provide is more attractive than what I could
> provide (he will soon learn he was wrong).
> > 
> > I'm happy for you that your son is in DC.  bev and
> Lynda both have sons off somewhere, too.  I worry about my
> nephew.  I can't think of any place in the world where
> we need to be fighting, right now.  But, fight we
> will.............


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