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Ivy; I went back and looked at your plans. If you have 5 acres of 
woods/orchard, a half-acre pond, and 3 tillable acres, on 8 acres of land, 
where will you put the houses for 18 families? Heck, if it was all pasture, 
you'd be hard-pressed to keep JUST your 10 goats and 10 sheep on 8 acres. I 
don't think you've thought this through.

Lynn Wigglesworth

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> OK, thank you for all your responses. I have my social workers, RN's and 
> security, daycare staff and teachers, a minister/ counselor all set up. We 
> are starting the construction next week on our underground tornado shelter 
> that will also be our canning pantry. We currently have our fundraiser 
> going at http://wandersend.org and have been on the front page of our 
> local paper, with talks of us also being featured on the local news.We 
> have also enlisted volunteers farmers to help with our set up and they are 
> donating the livestock and feed. What I was asking for was an outline on 
> the setup of a homestead farm from scratch for the needs of the animals. 
> Tools, stockyards, medicines to have on hand, maybe day to day chore lists 
> for animal husbandry. We have no barns yet, so that would need to be 
> considered also and I was wanting to know what to put in them , possible 
> floorplan ideas. We do have a greenhouse almost complete for the herbs, 
> and only 3 acres that is tillable for our  v
> egetable gardens. Our orchards and bees are to be in the 5 acres of woods 
> mingling with the native trees that are left after we thin them out. The 
> livestock will also be roaming there on a rotation basis.
> Thanks,
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