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So, there is no 'fear' at all among 'real' homesteaders?  No concern of the future, no dependence on outside forces?  That is not what I have read from 'anyone'.  Also, I imagine a 'survivalist' can 'love' the land while worrying of the future or 'fearing' forces beyond their control.  I love the land and I am neither -- nor do I see much insight from much of the recent spate of group labeling.   Some survivalists sites are primarily inhabited by urbanites, some by rural farmers and homessteaders.  

A fearless, loving, independent self-reliant "whatever' doesn't need to try to seek approval by disparaging the other.  There is crossover bewtween many of these groups.  If a person is fearless and self-reliant, then great; but that person will not be wassting their time disparaging similar groups of different orientation.......


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> >  The only thing more monotenous than listening to a
> survivalist talk about 
> > his MREs is listening to someone who thinks he/she is
> a rung-up from a 
> > survivalist spend countless time mocking the
> survivlaists and explaining, 
> > over and over and over , and over why they are not ,
> themselves, a type of 
> > 'survivalist.
> >
> I think that applies to a lot of people on this list. The
> only reason we 
> protest is because survivalist nonsense keeps appearing on
> the list. Are 
> someone said, a survivalist acts out of fear. A homesteader
> acts out of love 
> of the land and a sense of independence. It's a big
> difference, and the 
> philosophies are mutually incompatible.
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