[Homestead] canning lids

rayzentz at aim.com rayzentz at aim.com
Wed Jan 14 13:15:29 EST 2009

Ma Zentz, who canned anywhere from 1500 to 2000 quarts a season, never reused lids for anything except dry storage, which I found interesting, 'cause she re-used everything... I mean everything! Usually, they were bent, but she even tossed the "good" ones. She had had a bad experience with botulism once, and was justifiable paranoid.

I have experimented with reuse a bit. I will examine a lid carefully, and if there is no breaks or severe discoloration, I will then boil the snot out of the little suckers, rubber side up in the boiler, to soften the rubber. This will get rid of the little "pressure lines" that are impressed into the rubber, and give it a smooth surface, "just like new". I have reused them with good success, but I don't reuse on meats and such. Fruit, jellies, applesauce, etc, seem to work well.


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