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No, depends on the station.  Our station has two pumps.  One is for off-road 
and one is for on-road.  You don't have to have it delivered.  Now, locally, 
we don't have off-road gas but where we used to live, we also had off-road 
gas tanks for the farmer that didn't have diesel run equipment.  It was a 
card-lock station and those farmers had special forms they filled out and 
got a special card for the off-road gas pump.

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A friend of mine in N. FL, a former trucker many many years ago, called me 
last month. Said that he had received 2 phone calls from 2 different people 
trying to give him trucks, just take over payments..... They will be real 
cheap in a few years..... for those foolish enough to buy. But then oil 
supply destruction comes into play.

Yes, rail should be used more. I don't know if Buffet is super smart or 
not.... but a couple years ago he did start buying up a few railroads. Maybe 
he is anticipating decreased rail use down the road.

Ah, true on diesel delivered to farms, no road tax on that one. My error.
Only tax on farm vehicles filled up at the local gas stations.

I would definitely have concerns about all kinds of increasing taxes under a 
hyperinflation scenario. I would not trust the government to keep things as 
they have been when government becomes desperate.

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Ah, Leslie, farmers don't pay tax on diesel for tractors.  Increasing taxes
won't hurt them in the least.

And that would be my point about the trucking industry which is a major 
of fuel.  If you look around the countryside you'll see old off-loading
platforms all over the place on the rail lines.  They are all now defunct
because of the gas hungry trucking industry.  The day of the trucker is fast
approaching a realistic demise.  Trucks should be used for short haul only!


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