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One of the ways to connect the dots between gold and homesteading is this............
Some of those that have acquired wealth ----- wealth as measured strictly in terms of USDollars (or other fiat currencies), as opposed to what a homesteader properly considers wealth --- and while I'm defining things.... just forget for the purposes of the point I'm trying to make of whether the wealth was acuired via production or thru deception..... since 99.9% of the rest of the world doesn't make that distinction....
Some of those that have acquired fiat monetary wealth recognize the house of cards game is over.... The house of cards being the acquisition of wealth thru non-production, thru ass-sitting, and the effects it will have on the world economies.  The house of cards is in the beginning stages of of collapse -- so some of those that have acquired fiat wealth are running towards owning physical gold in the belief (whether their belief is true or not) that this is a way to protect their fiat monetary wealth.
What this rush towards owning physical gold/silver means to pure homesteaders and homesteaders that might also be farmers, and homesteaders that are still relying on some type of outside income to acquire things they can not produce ------ is that there is a huge warning sign flashing that the method of trade and surviving that all of us have known our entire lives even if you are 100 years old - is about to change.  I'm talking about running to the grocery store and being able to use 1/3 of a weeks wages to buy groceries that come in from all around the world or whatever percent people use depending on their earnings, or being able to splurge on a movie, or whatever.  
The rush to gold globally is a very symptom of fear.
People run to gold/silver when they fear hyperinflation.  This run to gold isn't happening just in the U.S. but around the world.   And I'm not talking about the average Joe running to gold - average Joe is selling his gold at those jewelry parties to those who are attempting to preserve their fiat wealth with gold (whether it will work or not - that is what they are doing).  
Whether gold can be a store of wealth or not is not as material, not as important, as recognizing that rush to gold is quite like signaling that the method of trade, the way of life that we have known and enjoyed in multiple countries is in the beginning phases of going thru a radical change.
This could wind up being the kind of radical change that makes pure homesteaders the wealthy ones (as opposed to being looked on as dirt poor).    Or it could be the kind of change that leads towards a global communist/socialist expirement - or who knows what.  But it is a warning sign that many believe a radical change is in the making.
The way I look at things, as I embark upon becoming as self-sufficient of a producer for self-consumption as I can --- is that the rush to gold/silver around the world by the wealthy - is signalling that time is running out.  I'm looking at the things that I can not produce (i.e. a steel shovel, sugar, wheat, material for clothes, gas, LP, etc.) and wondering what I need to change immediately to prepare for this potential change.  For example, I have a bicycle in case I can't get fuel for the scooter.  I'm acquiring canning jars, and as many "sustainable" things as I can for food production.
Do I think that owning some gold for the purposes of a trade in the event of a hyperinflation is a good idea?  You betcha!!!  Because I know up front I can't produce everything I need to survive - and during a hyperinflation there will still be those that won't see the collapse over the horizon, the collapse after hyperinflation.  I do not have a crystal ball; I can not foresee what things I do not have know that I will need in the future.  One thing for sure would be medical care.
Will gold or silver have any fiat money value after a hyperinflation - I don't know.  But during the hyperinflation, I bet it will come in handy.
Can I eat gold - hell no.  I can't even use it as a sinker - as there are no little fishies in the desert.  :-)
In a hyperinflation - you need the "right kind of money".
Post hyperinflation - that "right kind of money" may well very turn out to be an adornment, a trinket, with tortillas or rice, or potatos being the symbol of wealth again.... On the other hand, if government creates a new currency in exchange for gold, it might be useful for that.

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"so long as we have enough or the the right kind of money."

 The Aztecs had plenty of gold, as did the Mayans
and Incans.  But among them it was never money, it was adornment.  


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