[Homestead] Fear & Loathing , new Peter Schiff interview, immeninent demis

Lynn Wigglesworth lynnw1366 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 11 09:28:21 EST 2009

>> >If nohing else we do neeed roads, bridges, etc.
> This is where the O-man misses the boat entirely.  I had harbored a small
> smattering of hope that it would be different with him..... I dunno ... 
> maybe a
> 'change'.  What we positively do NOT need are bridges and roads.  We need 
> light
> rail, trolleys, bus systems, etc.

Obama has always supported Amtrak, and Biden is one of it's biggest fans. 
Amtrak ridership, at least in the Northeast corridor is way up, and Amtrak 
is closely tied to the local light rail, at least in NY and southeastern PA 
(Amtrak owns and maintains much of the track in the northeast). I suspect at 
least some of Obama's fake 'jobs' money will go to mass transit. Good news 
for me, since that is where my ex works (in the regional track department at 
Amtrak), and hence where my child support comes from.

Lynn Wigglesworth 

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