[Homestead] Update on health: turmeric and milk thistle

EarthNSky erthnsky at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 3 00:15:22 EST 2009

Lynda wrote:
> It makes sense though.  Kind of like calcium.  If you eat calcium in its 
> natural form, you have little trouble with it and kidney stones.  If you 
> take the pills, and you are prone to kidney stones, you're in big trouble.
> Look at anything out there and the natural form works better.  Particularly 
> in the case of turmeric when you consider that to get the powder they boil 
> it and boiling of most anything removes a lot of the benefit.
> Now, I wonder, thinking of the East Indian recipes I've collected over the 
> years, most include peppers and some type of oils (coconut being seen a 
> lot), if the curcuma doesn't work with the oils AND the capacian to be most 
> effective.
> Somewhere I have a recipe that calls for toasting a lot of the spices and 
> then taking slices of ginger and turmeric and a couple of others and making 
> a paste that you cook in the oil.
> Lynda

Oils make good carriers, and medicinally, they are easy to apply 
Speaking of kidney stones...one of the things my doc mentioned was that 
statin drugs like Zocor are notorious for causing both liver 
inflammation and kidney stones.  I did not know that...thought I would 
pass that on since I know a lot of folks take statins these 
day...lookout..kidney stones are painful!


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