[Homestead] Bet You Didn't Know

Lynda lurine at com-pair.net
Tue Dec 29 18:13:57 EST 2009

that it is anti-semitic to want to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and 
Iraq, did you?

Sometimes I really wonder if it wouldn't be a good thing if the folks who 
don't understand the Mayan calendar were right about it.

O.K., rant over.  For those that want to know what I'm rambling on about, 
check CNN's Larry King where he had Ron Paul and Ben Stein on.

--"I'm fascinated by the hard line you're drawing over religion -- It gets
used too much, as an excuse, a fall guy, a weapon, a con.  A lot of people,
maybe most, don't mean it except when it suits them."  Dallas 

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