[Homestead] More Computer Questions

Leslie cayadopi at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 18 09:02:27 EST 2009

Office is the "full version" and Outlook is usually paired with that.

Works is the scaled down version with Outlook Express paired with that

How on earth did you get both installed on your computer?  That is pretty odd............

If you are a power user of spreadsheets, like me, you'll never go back to Work's version of a spreadsheet.  Is someone else besides you using your computer?  If so find out if they installed MS Office for a reason.


Otto is an audio jukebox program
Orbit , not Orbital, looks like a music downloading program
Orbital, another program, I can't get the website on it to open
Polar Bowler, Slyder and Overball, games


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Subject: [Homestead] More Computer Questions

O.K., I'm trying to get rid of junk on the computer.  Is there any reason I 
need Microsoft Works 7 or the mystery program that seems to have appeared, 
Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003?

And what about those goofy things Compaq put on the computer, Orbital, Otto, 
Polar Bowler, Slyder and Overball?

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