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Lynda lurine at com-pair.net
Fri Dec 11 02:20:32 EST 2009

You need a more varied source for your info.  The *all* the e-mails that 
were hacks were not "leaked."  They were selectively leaked and only parts 
of threads were leaked.  Out of context means that the reader doesn't have a 
clue what the e-mails really mean.

Further, a lot of the info that is referred to that they wouldn't release 
was proprietory.  That is NOT the same as withholding scientific data.

--Ignoring facts will not change them.

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From: "Leslie" <cayadopi at yahoo.com>

Chris writes: "...However, that is NOT to say that anthropogenic greenhouse 
warming is NOT a problem. I think that it clearly has been shown... "

I disagree. I do not believe it has been "clearly shown". The whole scandal 
in "climate-gate", the hacked e-mails from the global warming scientists are 
at the beginning phase of unraveling a collusion by climate scientsist to 
WITHHOLD information that contains any data contrary to their global warming 
theory. Withholding scientific data leads me to instantly question the 
results of their conclusions. How can you arrive at specific conclusions 
based on one-sided data?

When I first posted "climate-gate" there wasn't any US media coverage 
besides Fox. This a/m I'm seeing it on NBC news. So it seems that at least 1 
other regular TV station is reporting the scandal besides Fox. I've been out 
of town most of the last 5 weeks, and I'm behind on some things, especially 
TV watchings, which I don't do much of anyway.

Now it will be interesting to see what comes of the latest rumor, the 
reports that scientists from the E. Aglia Climatic Research Unit have 
admitted to destroying the raw data used to arrive at their conclusions, 
which means other scientists can not check their work.


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However, that is NOT to say that anthropogenic greenhouse warming is NOT a
problem. I think that it clearly has been shown.

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