[Homestead] Climate-Gate

Leslie cayadopi at yahoo.com
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Oh!!  maybe this is the Norwegian town under ice reference. 

I found this in one article.........

"Earth's climate was in a cool period from A.D. 1400 to about A.D. 1860, dubbed the "Little Ice Age." This period was characterized by harsh winters, shorter growing seasons, and a drier climate. The decline in global temperatures was a modest 1/2° C, but the effects of this global cooling cycle were more pronounced in the higher latitudes. The Little Ice Age has been blamed for a host of human suffering including crop failures like the "Irish Potato Famine" and the demise of the medieval Viking colonies in Greenland.  Today we enjoy global temperatures which have warmed back to levels of the so called "Medieval Warm Period," which existed from approximately A.D. 1000 to A.D. 1350." 

............Which then provided a link to this NY Times article:
"At the Viking site near here, artifacts were locked in permafrost and buried under several feet of sand."
The article talks about the effects of global cooling, which forced people to move out of areas that became too cold to live in.  Now the planet is warm enough and had uncovered at least this one area where people used to live when temperatures were warmer.

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Yes,  the planet HAS been this warm before.  It has even been warmer that 
this.  Remember, the nobility in France were peeved that England was 
producing the best wine in the 11th century.

However, that is NOT to say that anthropogenic greenhouse warming is NOT a 
problem.  I think that it clearly has been shown.    If you have been 
around this group long enough, you will remember I was one of the most 
ardent OPPENENTS of "global warming", but the evidence is gone beyond the 
point that it can be disputed.    Yes, there have been foils, plots and 
underhandedness, but the complete corpus of evidence is clear: Anthropogenic 
warming is occuring.  What this means in 100, 500 years, is another matter, 
but I digress.

Leslie is right...  all energy needs to be local.  Cut the petro-crap, and 
the problem of transmission.  The same can be said for water and food. 
Don't hold your breath, though.  Can't control the population if they are 
energy (water and food) independent..

Apex, NC

> On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 9:43 AM, Leslie <cayadopi at yahoo.com> wrote:
> ..........  When I learned that a town was discovered underneath a 
> receeding
>> glacier in Norway that clearly tells me that the globe has been this warm
>> before - and it was before the invention of cars and coal plants.)

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