[Homestead] Rue

Jeanne Driese jeanne13 at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 14 07:05:54 EDT 2009

Bev, here is what I have discovered about Rue.  Those little plants grow into a woody shrub, about 3 feet tall and about the same wide.  Mine are in their 4th or 5th year and I have pruned them way back each year.  They grow in my shale and heavy shade and get pretty yellow flowers on them.  They can get really huge but I have trimmed them each spring to maintained their size and shape to fit into my flower bed.  They do make a great backdrop.  This year will be the deciding factor because of the woodiness of the base.  It may be that they will not grow into bushes again this year.  We shall see.  Some folks are allergic to them but I have handled them and been up against them and have not had any problems.  
If they do not grow well this year I will indeed start new ones!  They are a splendid addition to my herb and flower garden.  Supposedly they help deter Japanese Beetles, which is why I originally planted them.  Could be true because I have not been overrun with the buggers.  They do manage to find my rose bush but I can knock them off easily.
North East TN zone 6

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