[Homestead] Troops inside U.S.? Yes

Robert Walton waltonrp at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 21:21:24 EDT 2008

> "I don't know what America's overall plan is ­ I just know that 24 hours a
> day, seven days a week, there are soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines that
> are standing by to come and help if they're called," Cloutier said. "It
> makes me feel good as an American to know that my country has dedicated a
> force to come in and help the people at home."

It would seem to me, given what we are allowed to know about the
economic situation, more trained troops being here in the US ready to
deploy would be a good idea.

The first time government checks don't go out or banks can't cash them
or paychecks, there will probably be some helping to do. Given our
recent track record, I can't believe it is in case there is an
earthquake or hurricane.

Rob - Va

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