[Homestead] voter fraud

rayzentz at aim.com rayzentz at aim.com
Thu Oct 30 13:17:06 EDT 2008

I wrongly used "populace". Sorry. I was referring to those same "electors", who were also initially required to be landowners, and male.

Hmmm...???????????? ?? ;-)


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rayzentz at aim.com wrote:
> The founders assumed an active, independant-minded, educated populace, that 
would choose with honesty and foresight.?We were warned by some of them what 
could happen.

Actually, they didn't. They assumed we were a bunch of ignorant rabble; 
that's why we have indirect elections. We elect the electors and they 
elect the president and vice president. The original idea was that 
Congress was supposed to elect the President and Vice President.

Lynn Wigglesworth

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