[Homestead] No-address Ohioans can vote, says judge

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North Dakota is one of those rare places where the population has actually decreased.?? And yes, it's largely because of the winters.?? However, jobs are another concern.?? Many of the young people leave.?? ND populace is aging, as well.?? Land, however, is very inexpensive.


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My MIL is from North dakota (your homestate).  After WWII, she moved to AZ for a 
couple of good reasons - one of them was to escape the ND winters.  She went 
back to the small town in ND where she was raised, in the mid 1990's, for a 
'said there were less people in the 1990's than in the 1930's.  Cold is cold.

Utah, now ...not so bad in some parts.  And, I would fit in okay.  For health 
reasons, over the years I've given up everything from tobacco and whiskey and  
caffeine.  And in Utah, even the conservatives don't mind if you have a wife and 
a girlfriend. ..hmmm.. 'have to check on growing seasons......bobford

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> Ahh, ya wuss.?? ;-)
> 'tis too cold in Ohio ..... bobf

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