[Homestead] So, what do you think of the Powell endorsement?

william Eggers wce1482 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 22 13:12:21 EDT 2008

Lets turn this around.  How would you feel if Canada or Mexico decided that they needed to cross our border and attack someone without declaring war?

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Marie McHarry wrote:
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>> I know!  He's the guy that was going to invade Pakistan, remember?
>> Sometimes, the hard decision is not to act at all.
> What he has actually consistently said is that if he had intelligence
> that located Bin Laden or other Al Qaida terrorists in Pakistan and
> *Pakistan was unwilling to act* he would authorize action to get those
> guys. Depending on conditions at the time, it could be reasonable.

He may be saying that, too, but that is not the clip I heard/saw.  What 
I saw was his answer to a question about insurgent forces hiding in 
Pakistan coming across the lines to ambush and raid our troop, and he 
was asked if we should be allowed to follow them back across the line 
into Pakistan, essentially, invading without authorization, especially 
since the Pakistan government has forbid us to enter their country.
Obama said we should go after them.

Ironically, I actually agree with that...the McCain campaign did not, 
but I do.

> Pakistan is our biggest danger right now, IMO -- far worse than Iran,
> Iraq, or even Afghanistan. And they got nukes.

Nukes, submarines, and a power vacuum.  Not a good mix of things.

“Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to 
hate. Hate leads to suffering.”        Yoda
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