[Homestead] Mining waste in streams - new rule

bob ford bobford79 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 19 11:50:29 EDT 2008

This has a good chance of directly affecting someone on this list.  Not that the companies haven't really been getting away with doing this for years, anyway. Just my opinion, but I think damage done by mining companies will be Robert Byrd's true lasting legacy. ...bobford



"The proposed rule would rewrite a regulation enacted in 1983 that bars mining companies from dumping huge waste piles, known as “valley fills,” within 100 feet of any intermittent or perennial stream if the disposal affects water quality or quantity.

The revisions would require mining companies to minimize the debris they dump as much as possible, but would also let them skirt the 100-foot protective buffer requirement if compliance is determined to be impossible.

“The new rule will allow coal companies to dump massive waste piles directly into streams, permanently burying them,” warned Joan Mulhern of Earthjustice, an environmental group that has fought the practice."


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