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I did not know the origins of Monopoly. I do know that France is quite fashion oriented today , and for most of modern European history. I do not for see a true Terror, not for the leisure class.  My people will be the people hurt. 

 I see no Robespierre, ................

"To punish the oppressors of humanity is clemency; to forgive them is cruelty"


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> > >The idle will continue to showcase their
> materialism, simply with more 
> > muted approach. Take a look at the cover of magazines
> from the early 30s.
> Bob, did you know that the game Monopoly dates from the
> Great Depression when 
> people were longing for that dream of wealth that had
> disappeared?
> Like that the cover of magazines were abstracts.  No body
> then actually 
> dressed that way.
> You don't seem to get it.  When TSHTF this time the
> idle will be eaten.  Look 
> at the history of the Mayan aristocracy, the Samurai class,
> the House of 
> Rossoff, Louis and Antoinette, etc.   The idea you have
> that in severe economic 
> turmoil the rich find a way to hid all their wealth and
> emerge wealthy as ever 
> is fiction.  History opines otherwise.
> Have you ever read Pearl Buck's "The Good
> Earth"??  It is fiction but based 
> on actual accounts.  When Wang Lung's family was in
> utter destitution in the 
> southern city and the revolutionary armies swept through,
> the wealthy were 
> decimated, robbed, and mostly killed.
> Perhaps not so drastic this time, but the idea that the
> wealthy are insulated 
> from all this and that it is the worker that will suffer is
> unfounded.  Boone 
> Pickens has been pointed to as 'He's made billions,
> see what he does and do 
> likewise."  These last couple of years he bet on wind
> farms ... and has lost 
> more than two billion dollars on his investments.
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