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Ray, I encourage everyone to eat what's best for them. 
Some folks, like you and I, may have already discovered 
this even though we eat differently. But I think there's a 
lot of unhealthy people out there eating junk who still 
need to discover a healthier way of life. I don't judge 
people who choose to eat meat and respect what all the 
homestead folks are doing raising their own meat or 
supplementing with hunting. I may end up doing this 
someday for my dogs and cats, who, by the way, aren't 
subjected to vegetarian diets. I cook turkey for them 
using the Pitcairn dog recipes, and buy dried food for the 
cats. Finicky guest are always welcome to eat the with the 
dogs instead <g>.

I think compared to most vegetarians, I need a higher 
amount of protein in my diet. So I'm kind of a carnivorous 
vegetarian. And if you consider I am a botanist eating 
plants, you will see we really aren't that different <g>


On Mon, 17 Nov 2008 13:15:01 -0500
  rayzentz at aim.com wrote:
> I am the last one to criticise the dietary choices and 
>needs of people, whether they are because of health 
>issues, or personal preferences. I haven't followed this 
>earlier part of the thread, but for me, I prefer most of 
>my veggies processed...? In other words, I AM a carnivore
> Veggies are food..., for food.
> Unlike you, Sage, I actually have a more difficult time 
>with high vegetable meals.?? I do like an occasional 
>salad, and corn and carrots, and I have learned to eat 
>broccoli, but a lot of other greens just run right on 
>through.?? Since developing diabetes, Which I control 
>through diet, I have cut down on breads and other grain 
>based foods, and eat more of the greens that I can 
>tolerate, but I am, and ever will be, a "meatasaurus"
> Ray
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> Bob, I've been a vegetarian almost my entire life, from 
> the early beginings of spitting out Gerber baby meat 
> through discovering in an allergy test at age 20 I was 
> allergic to all meat except turkey. I already new I was 
> deathly allergic to seafood and shellfish growing up 
> some traumatic eating experiences. I have not eaten any 
> meat in thirty years, when I gave up turkey. I do eat 
> (that's why we raise chickens) and dairy. I'm called a 
> lacto-ovo vegetarian.
> Dairy tends to congest me, so I try to limit it in 
> quantity, but being married to a Cheesehead, that's 
> impossible <g>
> There are a lot of misconceptions about vegetarianism.
> 1. We are rabbits: The worst is when I go to long 
> conferences and by checking "vegetarian option" this 
> I will be trying to beat everyone else to the cheese 
> platter and living on salads like a bunny, basically 
> starving.
> 2. We can't tolerate spices: Another one is vegetarians 
> must like bland food (not true!). I remember a 
> particularly embarrasing American Airlines dinner flight 
> (back when they still served food) and my "vegetarian 
> option" was brought out in a special silver chaffing 
> like I was the Queen of England, and ever eye was on me. 
> Taking the lid off, I discovered it to be a glump of 
> steamed brown rice and a glump of steamed barley with 
> nothing else! (I had the feeling this was the meal you 
> if you checked diabetic, salt-free, Kosher, whatever). 
> Everyone else was eating spagetti & meatballs, salad, 
> peanut butter cookies. I could've eaten this sans 
> meatballs. So many people felt sorry for me they started 
> passing me parts of their food.
> 3: Since we don't eat meat, we must not need protien: 
> Wrong! We get hungry just like everyone else. Getting 
> enough protein is very important.
> I don't know what kind of vegetarian food you've tried 
> that didn't taste good. I am considered by all my 
> as one of the best cooks they know, and I've followed 
> recipes for so many years I can wing it intuitively. My 
> most favorite coo
> kbooks (all from famous vegetarian 
> restuarnts) are:
> Moosewood Cookbook (early hippie, easy to make, kind of 
> heavy on the diary but tasty stuff)
> New Recipes from the Moosewood Restaurant (focuses on 
> different ethnic cuisine recipes)
>Field of Greens (One of the best, more involved, but 
> everything delicious!)
> Millenium Cookbook (vegan upscale, very involved, but 
> delicious and worth it--I use this for special dinners 
> where I can spend a day in preparation)
>For protein, I either use complimentary combinations of 
> grains and legumes based on Recipes for a Small Planet 
> (boring recipes, but good nutrition ideas) or buy the 
> following (mostly found in the frozen food section/cool 
> dairy) which are lower in fat and cholesterol than meat:
> Quorn www.quorn.com (my favorite, made from mycoprotein 
> ie. fungus and tastes like chicken-patties, cutlets, 
> tenders)
> Morningstar Farms www.seeveggiesdifferently.com (steak 
> strips (husband's favorite), chicken strips, sausage 
> patties, links, fake bacon, bratworst and Italian 
> sausages)
> Boca www.bocaburger.com (most meatlike burgers)
> LightLife 
> http://www.lightlife.com/product_category.jsp?c=deli 
> (pepperoni, turkey, balogna, ham lunchmeat)
> White Wave 
> (wheat meat, tempe, seitan, baked tofu, tofu)
> The main thing to know about veggie protein is most of 
> is already cooked and just needs reheating, overcooking 
> turns into rubber, so I add it last instead of first in 
> recipes like stews, gumbo, etc.
> There is *nothing* bland in most vegetarian's diets. 
> this helps you explore. We priced it out once and the 
> veggie protein costs the same as meat. But check out the 
> health stats on the websites and you can see the 
> --Sage
> Way Out in Texas
> On Mon, 17 Nov 2008 08:19:34 -0800 (PST)
>  bob ford <bobford79 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> If you don't mind; are you complete vegetarian?  do you 
>>eat fish? or cheese?.  I really need to move away from 
>>red meat.  Most vegetarian foods (except for fresh 
>>produce) don't taste good
> , in my experience ......bobford
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