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Lynda lurine at softcom.net
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Bev, btdt with the spider bites.  I use a glycerin pack.  The glycerin will, 
literally, draw out the poison.  It also reduces pain.  Soon as I find any 
type of bite (extremely allergic!!!!), I put a pack on and change it every 
12 hours.  Within a couple of days I have a nasty looking pack because it 
has opened up the bite and the "guck" is drawn out.

It's an old "Gramma said" remedy that the whole family has been using since 
before when.  Used it on cysts.  Used it on redwood splinters and believe 
me, you do NOT want to get a redwood splinter!

I've also used the glycerin pack on DH when he got a bone bruice on the 
bottom of his foot and it caused a sort of ingrown corn/callus type thing 
(cone shaped) and it softened it up and drew it out enough to remove it.

Great stuff!

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Rebecca Lewinski wrote:

> Bev, about that spider bite.  Have you tried putting really hot damp
> compresses on it?  I'm very prone to skin infections from scratches
> and bites.  If the injury is in an easily reached place, I soak the
> area in as hot of water as I can stand (without burning!) for a few
> minutes, five times a day.  Otherwise it's the hot compress.  The
> heat treatment must mimic inflammation, as it seems to kill off
> whatever bacteria is multiplying in the injury--I haven't had to see
> a doc to treat a skin infection in ages since I've started using damp
>  heat.  We also found out by accident that the heat seems to break up
>  whatever the itch factor is in things like flea bites (doesn't work
> on mosquito bites though!).

Yes, hot compresses are standard treatment, the first and main source of
treatment usually. Today, I had to start antibiotics.(erythromycin) The
inflammation and swelling was getting worse, the size of a paper plate
and I can't just wait it out because my arthritis meds lower my immune
system.  I am not sure that it is a spider that bit me, but I can't
think of what else it might be.  It is the season to carry wood in from
the woodpile, and I have seen wolf spiders and other spiders in the
woodpile.  I always toss the wood from the pile into the wheelbarrow to
dislodge critters, but spiders reinhabit the pile after it is on the
What the heat treatment does, I think, is that it brings additional
blood supply to the injured site.  In the blood there are white cells,
so the heat is like calling the calvary.  If you can cause the white
cell numbers to surge more often than the bacteria divide, you are
winning the battle. <G>  For me, I have a weakened immune system to
begin with, so infections are never good.  Just because I have this, I
can't take my arthritis meds this week.  I was just recovering from
being off my meds for a couple of weeks last month-from the last stupid
bite, and now this.  The bite itself is annoying all on it's
own..sleeping is uncomfortable and I hate holding the compress on, but
the domino effect of the consequences of any kind of infection is what
is really bothersome.
It's a little thing though compared to the medical issues of some on the

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