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Wed Nov 5 19:22:45 EST 2008

bob ford wrote:
> How were you allowed to live in Canada?  Can a person just drive to the Northwest Territories and live ?  I wouldn't mind if there is a part without much snow and not too cold :-) ....bobf
We were there as a part of a long-defunct project. 

Don't know what the rules are now, used to be we could go up on a rule 
that got us a specified period of time, plenty of rules to follow, 
something like the 'green card' here, except for the time issue.

Then somewhere, I think in the late 60's maybe it was---maybe someone 
else will know---Canada went to a point system, and all the old rules 
went out the door.  Recently I heard they have relaxed those rules 
somewhat, but what changes they made, I've no clue, and although I knew 
at one time about the point system as it started out, I don't remember.  
I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find the info.  We have a lot of 
Canadians living here as we are surrounded on 2 1/2 sides or so by 
Canada, people marry back and forth, if US citz can get into Canada, 
that's usually the way the go, because of the health care system, but if 
that doesn't work the Canadians come down here.  Don't know how much 
trouble that is, either, but I'm sure much easier if marriage is 
involved, which is usually the case when folks here cross for living.

Northwest Territories=snow, blow, cold, dark, lat 54+ if I remember 
right, but in any case well north of Edmonton, about 500 miles or so.  
Norman Wells is about 1000 miles nw of Edmonton. 

But southern Canada is very nice, similar to here in the southern 
maritime provinces, Nova Scotia even milder.  I've been on Fogo, an 
island N of Newfoundland, for 2 weeks in Oct one time when we never put 
on long sleeve coats, just a vest over our clothes, to go outside.  
Southern British Columbia is nice, too, but once you get into the 
interior you start to notice winter more.

SJ, in Maine

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