[Homestead] Gene's guide to buying a new car

bob ford bobford79 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 3 18:58:18 EST 2008

I did "everything" you said and still had to put my wife through that aggravation.  I even had the emails from the salesman stating he would sell me the car at that price.  Actaully the first email was from a delaer in Glendale, stating the price. 

The email from Showcase (Where I bought) promised he would match any price.  Whe I got there, they didn't even want to give my wife a test drive, because they said there was no way they could sell the car at that price.  

The GM of the dealership ended up closing the deal with me.
He said they lost money, but I don't believe that. According to my figures, they should have made exactly $150 profit. ....bobford


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> Subject: Gene's guide to buying a new car
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> > Drew, I bought my wife a new Honda in Januarary.  It
> was not an  
> > altogether pleasant experience.  They asked us to
> leave more than  
> > once.  My wife broke down and started crying, at one
> point.  But, I  
> > wouldn't leave and we came home with a new car at
> exactly the price  
> > I wanted to pay.
> Next time you buy a new car, save your wife the emotional
> anguish.
> Look at cars until you find the model you want. Decide on
> all the  
> options you want.
> Do your research. Read road tests. Pay for the Consumer
> Reports report  
> to find out what the dealer paid for the car.
> Call every dealer within reasonable driving distance. Be
> honest and  
> tell them what you want and how much you will pay over
> dealer cost. I  
> got the Corolla for five hundred dollars over dealer cost.
> There is a hungry salesman out there who will cut his
> commission to  
> accommodate you.
> Do NOT walk into a new car showroom until you have made the
> deal.
> Before you sign, take the car for a test ride.
> Pay cash. If you don't have the cash, get it lined up
> somewhere before  
> you deal. Do not use dealer financing unless you can't
> find anything  
> better.


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