[Homestead] Electricity prices going up (fake?)

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Mon Nov 3 01:09:35 EST 2008

Rob; this is not important enough to me to do a lot of research, but what was reported as far as what Obama said about 'bankrupting' coal fire plants 'was' accurate. Liten to it, it was absolutely accurate.

 And, the little bit I've seen on "Newsbusters" in the past few months has 'always' been accurate, just not portrayed in the same way the San Francisco paper might tend to portray political coverage.

And, Newsbusters generally has good humor on their page, even if you don't agree with their 'take' on politics.  They had a funny news video this past week .    bobford


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> Is this the one you are talking about?
> http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/b/a/2008/11/02/nov05election-lies_half_truth_2.DTL
>  >>It's not true.
> But the Drudge Report, the Republican National Committee
> and 
> apparently even GOP VP candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin
> fell for 
> completely fabricated news from a shady website called
> Newsbusters 
> today suggesting the San Francisco Chronicle has
> ''hidden'' audio 
> with Sen. Barack Obama regarding his statements on coal.
> The truth: the paper's January editorial board session
> with Obama 
> included comments about coal. 
> <http://cdn.sfgate.com/blogs/sounds/sfgate/chroncast/2008/01/17/20080117-obama-interview.mp3>The
> entire interview has been in the public domain, available
> on line to 
> the public -- and to the McCain campaign -- since early
> January.<<
> At  11/2/2008 07:28 PM,EarthNSky wrote:
> >This is looking worse and worse..it is a good thing
> he's gonna cut my
> >taxes, I think I am going to need every spare dollar
> for electricity.
> >
> >Obama says electricity prices will skyrocket under his
> cap and trade
> >plan and that he will bankrupt the coal power
> plants/industry.
> >   You can listen to Obama's interview with the SF
> Chronicle here:
> >http://thecommonconservative.com/?p=198
> >http://newsbusters.org/blogs/p-j-gladnick/2008/11/02/hidden-audio-obama-tells-sf-chronicle-he-will-bankrupt-coal-industry
> >--
> Rob
> becida at comcast.net 
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