[Homestead] A one-time post

Bunjov at aol.com Bunjov at aol.com
Mon Jun 16 15:55:53 EDT 2008

Jeez, Gene! You're 'scattering my forces', as they say, and I'm trying to  
envision each of the virtual communities you've named. I like best Extrapolachun 
 Appalachian, since - turned inside out it would become - mathematically 
speaking  - the Appalachian Extrapolachun / Equachian. And a dandy name for a bar 
and  grill.
Please bear in mind that you're picking on a resident of the only community  
in the world that has an Annual Pistachio Festival!
Sex appeal be d___d - erudition will get me every time. Gotta be the  beard.
I do thank James, though for his response. It must be difficult to say,  
"Come as you are," with your tongue lodged firmly in your cheek.

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