[Homestead] Growing tomatoes and vegetables from seed for the fall

bob ford bobford79 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 21 22:22:21 EDT 2008

You can't even buy nursery stock in the summer, Gene,  All it takes is 2-3 back-to-back 115 + degree days to kill every plant.  I've had a few plants to survive the summer, some years.  Uusually they don't.  And, to answer your question, I have been doing this for too many years. Using shade cloth and anything else I can think of to defeat the sun.

 Usually I just wait for the nursery stock to show up at the end of the summer, but it has been showing up so late the past few years , I wanted to get an early start this fall by planting seeds inside now....bobford

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> > 'half a block from Encanto Park....I'm
> planting for fall...bobford
> Have you done this before? I am curious especially about
> tomatoes. In  
> Phoenix I have taken tomatoes through the winter that were
> planted in  
> the previous spring. They just keep growing.


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