[Homestead] Ralph Nader enters presidential race

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Tue Feb 26 13:27:24 EST 2008

Several large, really LARGE wheat producers last year lost their crops or 
got a real poor crop.  Add into that the decrease in acres in wheat that 
have been converted to corn.  AND, last but not least, Russia has increased, 
substancially, its purchase of wheat.

Wheat prices/availability will certainly be something to watch this year.

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> On another list, an article on "Peak Metal" was posted.
> Various metals in short supply/production causing price rises.
> Does anyone here know if this is true?
> What about wheat crop shortages?
> Some people are reporting places like Whole Foods having none to sell.
> Others mentioning rising price. Various reasons given, but a lot pointing
> to bio-fuels. Also, weather/global warming.
> Is the price of bread going up in your locale as fast as gasoline?
> I paid $2.959 for 87 octane regular yesterday. Last week, it was $2.659 at
> the same store.
> Lynn
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