[Homestead] Cordless drill batteries

WF Smith mogrits at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 13:02:50 EST 2008

> My DeWalt 14.4v three-eighths-inch drill worked fine for eight years
> before the last of the two batteries died. Now the decision
> is whether
> to buy new or reconditioned batteries or to bite the bullet
> and buy a
> new set, probably using the lithiom batteries. Looks like batteries
> are about $40. I am leaning toward a reconditioned set like I have,
> but half-inch, for 148.69, from
> TylerTool--http://www.tylertool.com/dewalt8.html--because
>   it includes two new batteries and if any part of the system
> fails I
> have a backup, other than the batteries. Anyone have experience here?

I've had a Dewalt 12v drill for over 10 yrs and the batteries are shot. When
that happened I upgraded to an 18v set with two batteries and it's performed
well for three years of heavey use. My set has a circular saw, drill,
flashlight, and reciprocating saw and I normally run the battery down
completely before I recharge it. I've been surprised at how well the old
nicad batteries are doing. I guess I'm saying that to say this: when my
batteries die I'll face the same decision you have. I'll buy replacement
batteries because of the other tools involved.

In your case, I'd definitely move up to a 1/2" drill (get a hammer drill),
maybe this unit http://www.tylertool.com/dewalt232.html The hammer drill
works on masonry and concrete like butter. The unit you listed looks nice
but for a little more money you will have a fantastic drill. I have heard
good things about bosch cordless tools as well but have no experience with
them. I'm a Dewalt fan based on my and my employees experiences with them.

That's a good site. I've had good luck buying tools through amazons
"toolshed" or whatever they call their tool division. Prices are all over
the scale so it pays to shop around.


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