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When we lived in Mexico, the peppers were roasted and then peeled and 
seeded.  Some of the pepper was put in the water and simmer and some was 
smashed up in a pestal or on a butcher block (usually a chunk of stump) with 
garlic and salt until you had a paste and then added into the liquid.  The 
pepper "disappears" and sort of becomes a thickener.  Then you have a thin 
mole, not a "water."

This type of mole is what I add to rice to make a true Mexican rice which is 
baked, not boiled/simmered, btw, and when done this way comes out perfectly 
every single time.

Why can't you grow peppers?

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> Bueno.

>>>> So you don't use the pepper at all?  It just flavors the water?
>> Right, the dried pepper itself is not used, just the water you boil it 
>> in.
>> 'Flavor' the water is misleading, though.  The inside of the pepper
>> disintegrates and all you remove from the water is basically the outside 
>> hull of the
>> pepper, which isn't much edible anyway.
>>>> I have become addicted to avocados.  I know they are loaded with fat,
>>> but I'm telling myself it is a good fat<g>
>> Don't underestimate that!  It is whole, unadulterated vegetable fat.   I 
>> very
>> seriously doubt any active person ever got fat from eating avocados.
> The only bad thing is that we can't grow them, so they must be
> purchased.  Is there a way to preserve them?  Can you mash the flesh,
> add lime juice and maybe freeze it?  How long will a avocado keep?  I
> wouldn't have a clue-since they are my chocolate-it never lasts more
> than two days in the fridge..:)
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