[Homestead] wood stoves

bobf bobford79 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 29 14:45:49 EST 2008

Yea Rob, that is the one of which I was thinking.  That is a good looking stove.  I like the extra shelves on top.  As soon as I post this, I 'll google 'waring rack'...................................


--- On Mon, 12/29/08, Robert Walton <waltonrp at gmail.com> wrote:

> I added the full pic:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/waltonrp/
> These are pics the seller emailed me. I think that's
> the one she said
> looked like Lincoln's.
> I just got it out of the truck and took a wire brush to the
> insides
> and got all the soot out. Once I get it fired up, we'll
> see if I did
> proud. But it was working fine at the previous owners
> house.
> Nice thing about this is you take off the waring rack. Then
> all the
> eyes, water res. and then the stove lifts off the base. It
> was easy
> for two people to lift any of the parts. I want to take it
> out on the
> porch in the summer for canning, etc, so that is already a
> nice
> feature.
> Getting the insulated metal chimney in is going to cost and
> be a bear,
> but this is a major step towards cooking independence here.
> Rob - Va
> Rob - Va


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