[Homestead] hyper v depr debate continues

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It is just part of the problem, but it is a problem beyond repair.  That particular union has been rotten with corruption for many years.  


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> > It's all BS.  <snip>  And, if workers want
> > a Union , they need to dump UAW , and start one
> without the financial
> > and political corruption.  Some enitites are just
> beyond
> > help..................................
> IMO, the UAW is the problem, not that I am against all
> unions, but it has increased the price of the car to where
> they are not competitive with other manufacturers.  Here in
> the southern US, there are many, many  foreign manufacturers
> that are non-unionized and the workers still make good
> money($20/hr or better)  The plants have revitalized local
> economies and they have treated the workers well, for the
> most part.
> A cop here who makes $12 or $15/hr, or a teacher who starts
> at $25k, or even that autoworker who makes $20, cannot
> afford to pay the jacked up price of a Big 3 vehicle.  That
> price is necessitated by paying those workers $40-50 hour
> for the same job others are doing for $20.
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