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I'm having problems picturing all of this; but, it sounds like water is excellent on your property.  I guess your water is crystal clear like in Gene's area of Missouri.  That is one thing i will hand the Ozarks, they have spectacular, live fresh water.  I learned to fly fish on the White River when Mountain Home was still a tiny town of which no one but fisherman had heard, I still remember being shocked at the clarity of that water.  I love the fresh water iin those parts, though, like you, I still might use a filter or a drop of bleach before drinking 'any' open water.

p.s. Do you hasve any kind of well?  Is there any need?  Are drilled wells not used a lot in your area?


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> we have a small pond, a creek running through the valley
> that ran all year this year (usually it goes almost dry
> except for a few deeper holes in august), and 3 springs in
> use year round. one of the springs feed our neighbor's
> tanks. it's been used by their family for generations
> and they were afraid when we bought the land that we'd
> want to cut them off. that's ridiculous, we told them,
> they were welcome to make improvements to it if they wanted,
> even, and if i ever get that bench fenced off so i can use
> the pasture on it, i'll make a gate so they can pass
> through to service their spring. they drink the water just
> like it comes out of the hill. for our own household spring,
> we got someone to come in and 'develop' it. they dug
> out around it, added a layer of gravel, laid down some
> perforated pipe into the outlet, covered it with a layer of
> gravel, then a plastic liner, then replaced the soil. now
> you can't see where the water comes out except for the
> water line that leads to the silt tank. the spring that
> feeds my parents camper comes into a hand dug basin and goes
> to a silt tank then to the storage tank. we both double
> filter before drinking and lab tests show that it's
> good, except it has no minerals and is very soft water. so i
> add minerals to mine when i make coffee or drink a glass.
> the good thing about all of these springs is that they are
> above the level of the house, so it's all gravity feed.
> no electricity required to move the water to the house and
> in fact, our house needs a regulator to bring the pressure
> down by about 40 psi or it will blow the plumbing apart.
> Roxann, NW AR
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> homestead)
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>  interesting, roxanne; .  Do you have open water, like
> Gene, on your ozark land?.


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