[Homestead] Seed shortages

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Isn't that the truth...  I figured it's a big learning curve, and while not only learning, but to tide over between the crop losses, I'll continue to stock some store bought food.  Otherwise I'd probably have to count on eating only a few different foods for a year... LOL.
You wouldn't believe how fast things dry here, including my skin.... I took seeds from an eggplant yesterday as an experiment, they are dry on the outside already.  When I first moved here the humidity was at times below 20% 
Wind I think will be a challenge at times.  I found a huge stack of 4'x4' crates (for free).  Had my brother cut one down to a more manageable height... for starters to start compost.  And then I started to think if I lined the inside a bit with something to keep the compost from slipping out the cracks, it would be perfect for veggies, as I could use the sides as wind breaks.  Another experiment to conduct....

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If I don't manage to kill off most of the crops this year, I might have to become a vegetarian.. LOL.
I do intend to can up a fair amount of the tomatoes.

Leslie, you'll find that in your garden you'll have successes and failures and may not predict ahead of time which will be what. When something does spectacularly well, take advantage and put it up (can, freeze, dehydrate, save seeds) as best you can. Since you live in the desert, you can probably dehydrate food well in the summer. An example of an unexpected change from year to year is that we had tons of fruit this year, but last year we didn't have any due to the freeze on the East Coast. You never know what next year's garden will be like. Just keep plugging along. I'm a puppy on the Big Dog path of gardening, but even I continue to make progress.

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