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Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Tue Dec 9 18:31:35 EST 2008

Pressure cookers don't have the right weights or gauge to do pressure
canning at higher elevations.

The local Farm Bureau would be incorrect.  One can both BWB (boiling water
bath) and steam can (a steam canner is not a pressure canner) at all
elevations.  Just like the pressure canner, your times change.

Here's the real answer to all your canning questions, one should get the
latest Ball Blue Book (referred to by canners as the BBB) and refer to
National Center For Food Preservation http://www.uga.edu/nchfp/ for general
information on all types of food preservation and
http://www.uga.edu/nchfp/publications/uga/using_press_canners.html  for
specifics on canners.

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From: "Leslie" <cayadopi at yahoo.com>

Double check that one.

For pressure cooking, for every 1000 feet above 2000feet sea level, you have
to increase the cooking time by 5%.

I've heard at the local Farm Bureau that the hot water bath method (as
opposed to pressure canning) for high acid foods can't be don't at higher
elevations, but have not verified that independently.

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