[Homestead] SWAT takes down OH farming family

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Sun Dec 7 17:50:04 EST 2008

Back in the 70s, the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office decided to raid the 
local Misfits (motorcycle "gang") house.  The house and 20 acres was owned 
by Misfit Joe (aka Snidely) and he and his girlfriend and a couple of other 
folks.  Another club member saw the cops gathering a few blocks from the 
house and got there ahead of the cops and flushed whatever was in the house.

Misfit Joe/Snidely had a little female lab.  All the kids in the 
neighborhood loved her.  They were all customers at our store and they're 
the folks who rescued my horses in the middle of the night when a drunk 
attorney wiped out my fences.

The first thing the cops did was shot the dog.  The second thing they did 
was shoot Joe who was unarmed and had just gotten out of bed.

They then took pictures sitting on the motorcycles and wearing the club 

Seems to be a pattern and having dogs doesn't do much good.  Anymore than it 
did for that mayor.  They simply shoot the dogs.

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From: "Gene GeRue" <genegerue at ruralize.com>

> This is the third version of this killing that I have read. In the
> other two Scott was in bed and when they kicked in his door with no
> warning he went for a gun and they blew him away.
> 1-Buy property that has little value to anyone with power or big money;
> 2-Keep a low profile;
> 3-Don't give anyone any reason to believe you are doing anything
> illegal;
> 4-Keep dogs that provide warning. This is the first version where it
> was written that he had sold a puppy. No mention of adult dogs. If he
> had heard warning barks he might be alive and having great fun suing
> various government agencies.
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