[Homestead] Change ? Hardly ..

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Fri Dec 5 13:16:02 EST 2008

I really don't understand how anyone could expect any such thing from 
Teflon.  a) he lied right off the top in the first debate when he said "I'm 
the only one who didn't vote for the war."  b) He stated in a interview that 
the only difference between him and Dumbya was "who is in a position to 

The man makes Rove look like a kindergarten student in politics!

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> Are there any anti-war groups left? If there are, I haven't heard a peep.
> According to polls for the last couple of years, the majority of people
> (60-70% in some polls) are against the war in Iraq...think it was a 
> mistake.
> Given how Obama slammed Hillary for voting in favor of the war, I'd  hoped
> for something different from him, but didn't really expect it.
> Lynn Wigglesworth
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>>I know that you are big time "anti-war" Lynn.  Doesn't it surprise you 
>>the larger anti-war groups are not screaming bloody murder.  'Just from
>>keeping Bush's defense secretary and appointing not "one" cabinet member
>>who voted against the resolution to go to war in Iraq; he has set a big
>>tone for what to expect in the future...................
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