[Homestead] Tell me again why Republicans are good for people

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I understood and acknowledged the point you were making Roxanne.  Perhaps I could have been clearer.  The care that you would receive on medicaid might be btter, now, than what you have.  That is what makes it look appealing.  The fact is with Gov't centralized health care, we will all be on medicaid and the level of care will fall "for all".  

health care is a huge issue for me.  I've read everything I can read and talked to as many people form otyher countries that I could.  I have also talked to Docs, Nurses, and Admintrators in the health care industry.  Lots of smart people with lots of different opinions of the needed "fixes".


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> But the point I was trying to make is that if you brought
> down my level of care to the level many of my friends and
> their families get on welfare/medicaid, it would be an
> improvement for me. my daughter can't understand why she
> can't get her wisdom teeth pulled or braces, when
> friends who's parents are making way less money than me
> are getting it done. they are on medicaid. she is not. the
> only possession we have that they don't is the land. if
> i sold the land, i'd still be making too much money to
> get on medicaid. and i still couldn't afford the same
> level of healthcare.
> what would the new taxes be on? consumer goods? then only
> those who consume more would be taxed more. those who are
> frugal and ration their spending won't be taxed as much.
> maybe it would be land taxes. in that case i'll be in
> trouble until the ginseng market revives. income taxes?
> it's hard to imagine those would go higher, but i guess
> it could, although i'm nowhere near the $250K mark for
> increased taxes. gasoline? i'd be in trouble there, too,
> given how many miles i drive to my job. honestly, i
> don't see a good solution for the medical situation.
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>  That is exactly the point I was making earlier.  Working
> people are already more rationed than the poor , just as a
> result of not wanting to lose 'everything'.
>  Gov't national centralization, sounds promising for
> that reason.  What it will do though, is bring down the
> level of care for everyone, except the very rich, and new
> taxes, on everything from income to possible new sales taxes
> (A national VAT) will be needed to cover your new
> "premiums" issued and forced upon you by your new
> HMO, the federal gov't........................
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