[Homestead] Geography was: Tell me again why Republicans are good for people

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East of IH-35 (runs through Austin and San Antonio) the 
soil is Blackland Prairie, there are bayous, people eat 
crawdads and you hear the Cajun influence in their 
speaking. I would have to agree this part would have to be 
the south. Both the Panhandle and the fat arm of Big Bend 
(mountain time zone) are southwestern in arid climate, 
Mexican food heavily influenced by Pueblo Indians, and 
horse and cowboy culture are still alive. South Texas 
might as well be in Mexico as it has a very Tex-Mex feel 
and lots of agriculture. Dallas and north Texas might be 
more midwestern, it's all suburb and mall culture built on 
top of what was once farms.

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>> I'd be curious to know where all of you think Texas 
> Southwest. With northeastern fringes of South and 

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