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I agree, my mother worked for Obama, and they had held the meetings to  
discuss what they would do in the event of a loss and had literally thousands of  
lawyers lined up. The race card was to be the major focus of their efforts and  
they had gathered poll data meant to support a bias case. 
Minnesota will almost certainly send the man who lost the election to  
Washington, as it will come down to a vote of senate on final appeal and we know  
the makeup of the senate. 
The thing I have been watching is the announcement of cabinet members. Do  
you all remember the huge protest the Dems made at each announcement of cabinet  
members under Bush? Mother Teresa would have not been good enough. Not one  
protest from the Reps so far on Obamas picks, even Hillary Clinton and they  
don't protest. I am amazed the mainstream media has not been able to dig up even 
 grumbling to focus on. 
A very obvious difference between the two sides.
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Bev  wrote...

Oh yeah, I think it will end up in court, too.  But I  gotta say that I
am surprised that I haven't seen too many news stories  about allegations
of fraud or unfair election activity from either side  since Election
Day, which is amazing in light of all the press we saw  _before_ Election
Day...there were voter problems everywhere, it  seemed...

If Obama had lost, there would have been. a  LOT.

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