[Homestead] Doesn't matter (was Disappointed in Obama)

Gene GeRue genegerue at ruralize.com
Mon Aug 25 19:40:46 EDT 2008

On Aug 25, 2008, at 1:54 PM, rayzentz at aim.com wrote:

>  I personally believe that our problems began when we
> removed landownership requirements.   But, that's just me...

Now, Ray, how long would it take a candidate, or their favorite  
lobbyist, or their campaign committee, or any wealthy contributor, to  
buy a bit of land or whatever qualified as property under whatever  
requirement and get the deed recorded in the candidate's name? A  
couple hours? As a retired Realtor, I can tell you that it would be a  
fun and profitable buying frenzy. Candidates would have vast holdings  
to choose from.

Yet more incentive for those willing to subject themselves to the  

I like the presidential selection system the way it is. It is rock- 
solid dependable entertainment every four years--grown men and women  
providing free reality shows, hugs and kisses to thousands, sincere  
expressions of love to millions. It provides a huge temporary  
employment and additional income not to mention material for a  
substantial number of Americans and others around the world--political  
advisors, reporters, columnists, pundits, anchor people, television  
station owners, fund raisers, lobbyists--add your favorites. And the  
best thing of all, campaigning now starts nearly two years before the  
actual election day.

I just don't see how I could get along without it.

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