[Homestead] Putting Down a Dog

bob ford bobford79 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 8 14:38:44 EDT 2008

I was always taught that I man should be responsible for killing his own dog.  I have once--when I was much younger.  I don't know if I could do so today.  I have had two cats put doen by the vet about three years ago, they went quickly and peacefully.  
My little stupid dog that lives with me now, when the time comes, it will be done by the vet , and my wife and I will both probably be on diazepam for a month.  It is not just a philispohical choice when it is your beloved companion.  It is a personal choice that  only you can make----
Rob, you haven my sympathies.......bobford

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> I had to put down my Dalmatian last year. He was suffering
> and I
> decided it was time. Took him to the vet. I'd never
> done this before.
> The vet gave him an injection of something that made him
> really out of
> it and then came in with the injection that killed him. It
> was
> something that needed to be done, but I sure did not think
> that the
> last few minutes of his life went without stress.
> I've got another dog whose time is near. She's deaf
> and close to
> blind. She's got a skin ailment that can't be
> controlled and she
> scratches herself raw from it. Now, she's started to
> drink large
> amounts of water and is not able to keep on weight, even
> though she
> eats like a horse. Worst part of her being deaf and blind
> is that she
> gets lost outside real easy, not really lost, just she
> can't see for
> more than a few feet and she'll walk around tryign to
> find the door or
> people or whatever.
> Now... I'm thinking that a walk to the woods with my
> .22 rifle might
> be a lot more respectful way to go than to take her to the
> vet. A
> quick point blank shot from the rifle to the head ought to
> put her
> down fast. Does to goat's I slaughter and little chance
> to miss at
> such close range.
> I'm curious what others thoughts are on this.
> Rob - Va
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