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Roy Morgan k1lky at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 7 10:51:57 EDT 2008

On Aug 6, 2008, at 11:14 PM, Gene GeRue wrote:
> As for sliding glass doors being "out," I am hot for large pocket
> doors that open up a wall, for instance from a living room to a porch.

I expect our new house will see some pocket doors eventually.  Does  
anyone know the source for GOOD pocket door runners/hardware?

> ... With muntins you
> can call them French doors and perhaps make wives happy.

Some folks might be happy calling that French Doors, but:

Where I grew up there was one set of true French doors. The hinges  
allowed the two narrow doors on each side of center to fold back flat  
onto the wall, one door in front of the other.  Slide bolts set into  
the butt edge secured the doors on one side when the doors were  
closed.  Small, short extension knob and handle on the other side  
allowed those doors to open up flat against the wall.

At the house we left 2 years ago, I wanted a similar set of doors.   
They could not be bought, except for custom made at prohibitive cost.   
I settled for installing two panels of outside doors (the only ones I  
could find with small enough panes) but it was a sorry substitute for  
the real thing.

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