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>  What I can say for Grant is that he and his  
> family didn't have  money, slaves, or practically anything else.

Incorrect, as it the rest  of the info on Grant.  In 1858 Grant was trying to 
make a go as a  farmer in St. Joseph Mo. and owned a slave named William  
Grant was given William Jones by his father in law to help farm, and  when 
broke, Grant's father in law
told him to sell him for the money. Grant instead freed jones and took  no 
money. This is part of the reason his father in law didin't give Grant money  or 
slaves thereafter. He didn't think much of Grants morals or business sense if 
 he would free a perfectly good slave. 
This is much in keeping with Grants statements following the Mexican  
American war on the subject of slavery. Personally, I think he had a moral  objection 
to the strong overpowering the weak more than the idea of  slavery.  He 
didn't like the Mexican American war for this reason, he  couldn't stand to see 
animals hurt and walked away from the family taxidermy /  butchery business 
because of it. He had soldiers whipped for driving a horse too  hard and had 3 men 
hung for rape during occupations. 

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