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EarthNSky erthnsky at bellsouth.net
Mon Apr 21 17:51:21 EDT 2008

Gene GeRue wrote:

> If I were at the beginning of my economic life I might well go to China.

Not me.  I like to speak my mind too much.

> We know what most humans want and what most Americans want. Want  
> deprived becomes pain. Pain demands political help.

Want deprived becomes pain??  Really?  I've wanted a jacuzzi and sauna 
for almost 20 years now, and I'm not in pain because I don't have it.  I 
think about it everyday with every sore muscle and aching joint.
I just tell myself the truth-that is is a luxury that I don't need and 
can't afford-that I have gotten by without it this long, and that I am 
tough and can do without.  I made some poor decisions  when I was about 
21 or so, and that leaves me wanting today, too.  Still, I don't demand 
that any elected official solve my problems, but a grant for old folks 
like me to go back to school would be nice. :)

  Politicians want
> votes so they acquiesce as much as they can. So how to change human  
> nature? Inevitability. Until a problem is hitting us over the head we  
> Americans will not make meaningful changes. We will, as a society,  
> strive for what we perceive is the best life for us and our children.  
> For the majority, that means a paycheck. A paycheck means a job. I do  
> not see a viable alternative.

Did you read about the treehouse dude?  City made him leave. :(
I like the guy that built his own little island out of plastic bottles 
and such.  I wonder what happened to that?


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