[Homestead] travelling for homemade cherry pie

Don Bowen don.bowen at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 12 23:35:46 EDT 2008

>It's been closer than any of the others I've seen, plus after $3 a
>gallon is it really worth it to go look for a penny or two savings?
A typical fillup costs me about 20 gallons.  A Penney a gallon is 20 cents, 
$.10 is $2.00, and so on.  While pulling the trailer the issue is how easy 
is it to get in and out and a concern for running out of gasoline in the 
middle of nowhere.  For the upcoming trip I will carry at least six gallons 
extra and maybe twelve.

As a data point, three years ago when I started running around in the 
trailer gasoline was bit under $2 a gallon.  A year later it was $2.73, the 
next year was $3.179, and the last fill up it was $3.619.  The next one 
Monday AM will be around $3.75 a gallon.

I have a record of every gallon of fuel and the mileage I have put in the 
pickup since I bought it new in 1998, 174,000 miles ago.

Don Bowen      KI6DIU

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