[Homestead] Water

Lynda lurine at softcom.net
Wed Nov 28 12:58:09 EST 2007

That's what most of the houses on this road have.  Some have the big 
green/black plastic looking tanks and some have the cement things that look 
like septic tanks.  All use gravity feed to their houses.

We're one of the few that has a regular well and pump.  Of course, most 
folks are amazed at the set-up here because our well is 1,000 feet from the 
house AND between 100 and 200 feet (don't feel like doing the math <g>) 
lower in elevation than the house.  Not a whole lot of pressure but as good 
as the other folks are getting with the gravity feeds.

We're looking at putting a cement tank or two on the top 3 acres across the 
road.  There hasn't been much rain around here in about 3 years and we 
haven't seen any to speak of so far this year AND no snow!  If it keeps 
looking dry then we'll pump water up in the winter to fill the tanks so 
we'll have water later in the year.

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From: "VAN DELL JORDAN" <vdjor at yahoo.com>

> Does anyone have a system with an above ground tank so
> that you will have some water pressure by gravity?
> Has anyone researched / considered that?

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