[Homestead] Sewing machine problem

sjc indexer at localnet.com
Mon Sep 4 20:48:10 EDT 2006

Sounds like you have it pretty much under control.

The 15 was a great old gal, in production for many, many years.  Many of 
them were used daily and on rough fabrics---twills, other denims, and most 
fabrics were a lot coarser in times gone by---and still they performed 
well.  There are a lot of them still in daily service, although not usually 
to their original masters.....

As to oiling, I oil any machine without a pump or oilpan once a month or 
so, but my machines are in use most days, sometimes all day.  There's no 
chance you'll not want to oil it after sitting all that time.  The only 
thing is what kind of oil.  Do NOT use 3-in-1 or the like.  that stuff 
turns to varnish (well, so it seems) in no time, gums up the works about 
right.  What you want is a very light machine oil, should be very light and 
totally clear.  I've got a 5 gal can here but there's a thousand miles 
between us...........Be sure and get the spots on the top and by the 
handwheel, often forgotten or overlooked.  The motor should be lubed, too, 
if it so states in the manual (some do, some don't, never mind they have 
the same model number); not sure what they're using for that these 
days.  Just take a toothpick or fine wire and clean out that little 'tube' 
where it goes, and put the new in.  NO oil on motor, even if it has what 
looks like 'oil holes'.

Most of the machines that come here for repair have some sort of tension 
issue (usually user-induced) but the next 'batch' of problems are related 
to the wrong kind of oil having been used and the whole thing feels almost 
like it's seized.  So using the right kind of oil according to the 
frequency the manual calls for is the key.

Need any more info, holler.

OT from the OT:  I had 107 of the old 'black' Singers, at least one primo 
example of each major machine that Singer made, when the house burned.  All 
were up and running nicely and I loved playing with them.  Now I have a few 
that folks brought in for repair and then abandoned, but nothing like the 
gang before.  Also had a lot of New Home Greyhounds, quite the racy machine 
for it's time.......  Lots of fun, all.

Susan Jane, in Maine

At 07:45 PM 9/4/2006, you wrote:
>I guess I jumped the gun on asking for help.
>I had multiple problems and was overwhelmed with the number of variables
>that could be at fault.

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