[Homestead] Very, very quiet

rayzentz at aim.com rayzentz at aim.com
Tue Mar 7 11:07:32 EST 2006

 That is the plan.   I actually do the canning and such in my house.   My wife does none of it.   I s'pose that may be because my mom put up between 1500 and 2000 quarts of various goods every season, and I learned by osmosos ;-)   
I have discovered, however, that while dehydrated peaches are very tasty, and my kids love 'em, they are horrendously messy in preparation.   Canning is better.
Fruit leather, though, that works well with peaches and apricots

Ray, when you have a good year--can, freeze and eat as many peaches as 
you possibly can because you will have the not-so-good years in 
between.  We put up so many peaches in 03 that we were still eating them 
in 04 and 05.


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